Anger Management Therapy

Everyone Feels Anger At Some Point

Whether you just stubbed your toe on the bed frame for the millionth time or were charged a hidden fee for a service or product, we all feel anger in our lives. We go through our days trying to enjoy life and be happy, but life seems to throw so much our way in the form of bad luck, provocation, danger, and threat, that we have to react to it. We feel the emotion of anger physically, with an increased heart rate and an increase in adrenaline and blood pressure. We feel the need to stop or limit or push back against the thing or action that has wronged us. And it feels good, cathartic even, to be wronged or hurt and have your emotional and cognitive state back you up. Many view anger as a leftover piece of the flight or fight response, an instinctual reaction that benefited our evolutionary survival in the early days of humans.


But survival traits have changed since then,

and in the 21st century, anger is a little more complicated now. It is one of the more powerful emotions we can experience, yet at its strongest, anger can be uncontrollable and can cause more harm than good. Anger is truly a natural human experience, but without being able to control it, anger can negatively affect your sociability, your relationships, your cognitive state, and your daily life in general. Anger management therapy offers a safe space where you can approach this powerful emotion and understand your relationship with it. By further understanding your anger more with a trained and licensed therapist like one of our team members at Texas Online Counseling, you can gain control over it, and learn to harness the benefits of it, without losing control.

Managing Anger Through Therapy


Anger can offer a variety of benefits to your life and your mindset if you learn how to control it.

It can caution those around you to be more sensitive and supportive of you. It provides some emotional catharsis for things that wrong you and/or things are out of your control, offering a seemingly justified emotional release for the pain and frustration you are feeling. It also allows you to learn more about yourself, like what your wants and needs are, and what your personal values are when you experience them being infracted.


But these benefits cannot be used or applied if your anger is uncontrollable.

The caution towards others that anger can provide can quickly turn into discomfort, dislike, and even reciprocal anger from others. The catharsis of anger can become a crutch, and allow you to feel justified and righteous in your emotional expression, even when you are mistakenly so. And the more anger occurs without proper control, the more you might associate yourself with the anger rather than seeing the two-way journey that is feeling anger. In extreme cases, uncontrolled anger can lead to physical outbursts that can potentially cause harm to yourself or others.


That’s where our team at Texas Online Counseling comes in.

Our trained and experienced therapists have been providing reliable counseling and therapy services through our online platform for years now, and that has included the therapeutic approach to anger management. Our team sees the bigger picture surrounding anger, and that allows us a highly-effective approach to helping others manage it. Anger is not an objectively negative emotion, and trying to limit your feeling of it could only make things worse. Our team is here to help you understand the benefits of anger, teach the communication skills and the emotional management needed to control it, and help you build the self-help skills to handle your anger in a healthy way.


Anger Management Therapy at Texas Online Counseling

If your life or your relationships have been negatively impacted due to anger and the behavior that comes with it, our team at Texas Online Counseling can help. We offer a safe, online space where you can freely talk about your experiences with a licensed counselor, and where we can support your journey of approaching, and understanding your anger, and how you can manage it. We also offer a wide range of online counseling services, including anxiety, addiction, trauma, depression, couples therapy, and more. Contact us today and get a free online consultation with one of our licensed therapists, to determine if anger management therapy is right for you.

Anger Management Therapy

Myth: Anger is not bad, it is an emotion.

Fact: Emotions give you information on your wants, needs, and desires.

What is not recommended is rage — when the Incredible Hulk turns green, violent, and loud. There is a different way. Anger is useful and can be beneficial when you have the skills and the support to express yourself when an issue arises.

When learning to deal with anger, it is usually more about managing your behaviors, e.g. anger-management. Anger is usually the outcome of another emotion, e.g., disappointment, fear, grief, shock, and/or sadness. It is usually wishing you could have changed the outcome.

Anger, on the other hand, is a useful emotion. It is an emotion to let you know what your needs and desires are. It also informs you if your values have been infracted upon.

The online therapists at Texas Online Counseling treat anger-management with the big picture in mind. We teach assertive communication skills, emotion management, and work with building self-esteem to handle anger in a healthy way.

If your life or relationships have been affected due to anger or rage, get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We offer a safe, online space for you to openly talk about your experiences with experienced therapists. Start your journey today forward healing.

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