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Sex & Gender Counseling

There are many reasons why people can benefit from sex therapy. Whether you struggle with intimacy issues, sexual addiction, sexual dysfunction, sexual awakenings, or anything related to sex or self-discovery, our online counseling can help.

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Couple's Intensives

Couple’s intensives are a private and personalized experience that is different for each couple. No matter what specific struggles you may be facing, couple’s intensive counseling can help you recover, rejuvenate, and come out stronger than ever.

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Anger Management

By seeing the bigger picture surrounding anger, our team is here to help you understand the benefits of anger, teach the communication skills and the emotional management needed to control it, and help you build the self-help skills to handle your anger in a healthy way.

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Couple’s Therapy

Opening the lines of communication, our intent is to foster healthy understanding and acceptance of each other’s personalities and differences. Helping you to move beyond the pain and disappointment of the past, we strive to foster a stronger, more loving couple.

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Men's Issues

Men's Issues

Men’s Issues

Specializing in men’s mental health care, our online therapy sessions specifically target those areas of stress and anxiety that men often experience. Addressing anger management issues and depression, we help men recover from trauma and pain in an inviting and secure environment.

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Compassionate & Supportive Counseling

At Texas Online Counseling, our entire focus is your optimal emotional wellness. Owned by licensed Professional Counselor Michelle Inauen, each online session is designed to address your specific needs, allowing you to experience life at its beautiful best. With years of therapeutic experience, our team has helped hundreds of patients eliminate the obstacles that keep them from enjoying who they are and living the life they were meant to live.

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What Our Clients are Saying:

… my counselors Nancy Blum and Michelle Inauen, counseling sessions brought me thru a really dark and old , complicated process of healing and acceptance and learning how to act in a relationship and how to get back into life. -Brenda

Describing grief is difficult because it is different for each individual person. The loss of my husband and best friend of 30 years has personally caused me deep anguish and sorrow. It is truly one of the most difficult things I have ever been through. My grief has literally upended my life. When my husband and I met we just clicked automatically. We could truly be our genuine selves together. We truly loved, laughed, and were completely comfortable together. Waking up to him in the morning and falling asleep next to him at night, by my side, was nothing short of divine. A feeling of complete safety. Our love for each other was an unbreakable bond. Without him now in my life has been devastating at best. I am learning certain tools of survival thanks to my dear counselor Sara. She has shown me how to move forward with baby steps. I know my life without her compassion and keeping me on a good path would be in a much different place. I have started to learn with the help of Sara that grief is up to the individual to figure out. Sometimes friends want you to move through your grief faster than you are able to, but truly we can only take our grief at our own slow pace which works for us. I am so very thankful for all of the assistance I am receiving from Sara. She is truly a blessing to me. This is a completely new road I am traveling on and am so grateful for my counselor Sara Vercher. I consider Sara a true blessing. No matter how bad of a day I am having, she is always there with her kind and supportive manner. Sara enriches this new journey that I am on with hope. I know without hope there is not much left but her words of hope are helping me stay focused for some type of future no matter how difficult I may find that right now. - Cynthia

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