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The staff at Texas Online Counseling wants to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to talk about any issue you may be facing. While getting started may be hard, we strive to make it as simple as possible, so we can begin helping you create a path toward healing. From relationship issues to depression, a therapist can provide insight, advice, and guidance.


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Our Therapists Can Help With:


1. Anxiety

Find support of feelings of restlessness, racing thoughts, or nervousness; panic attacks, or not being able to face social situations.


2. Anger Management

Anger can be a beneficial emotion when used correctly. Learn how to manage these behaviors in order to avoid situations of rage.


3. Trauma

From PTSD, car accidents, to sexual abuse, traumatic experiences can have lasting effects. Find the tools you need to face symptoms.


4. Depression

Depression is a disease that affects everyone differently and develops for various reasons. Talk with a therapist about your unique situation.


5. Addiction

Substance abuse or addiction can affect not only your life, but also your relationships and your health. We can provide treatment and support.


6. Men's Issues

Male-specific health issues, sexual issues, anger-management, and more — we can help you find healthy outlets and balance in your life.


7. Couple's Therapy

Financial concerns, parenting styles, or communication issues, we can help mediate a conversation to improve your relationships.


8. Family Therapy

Discover the healing power of family therapy to find support for issues that impact your family's well-being.

The Advantages To Online Therapy



You don’t have to rush to an office across town after work or force yourself off the couch when you’re dealing with a depressive episode. Have a laptop and phone ready, and come as you are. From wearing what you want to choosing a location that works best for you, talking to a therapist online is much more comfortable than going somewhere in person.



Have a work trip coming up or feeling worried about spending a week with your mom without any support? Online counseling is incredible because it can help you stay consistent in your progress, even when you’re not in the same location as your therapist. You can schedule an appointment for whenever it works with your (and your therapist’s) schedule, as long as you’re able to find a quiet room without distractions.



A powerful question or message from your therapist carries just as much weight when meeting online with Skype or a Zoom call. Once you have a connection with a person, you don’t need to be in the same room for there to be an impact. As one person who does online counseling says, “It’s more important to me to get support from someone I trust and connect with than to find someone geographically close to me.”

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Our online therapists are extremely flexible. You don’t have to drive out to our office and deal with rush hour traffic, and you don’t have to feel like you need to get dressed up to be out in public. Working with a therapist online puts so much more control and flexibility into your hands, and can tremendously help your progress as a whole.



Texas is huge! If you’re at least an hour away from the nearest therapist you could truly connect with, you can have a much more accessible (and meaningful) experience by working with a therapist online. Everyone should have access to counseling. Everyone should easily be able to get the help they need. Texas Online Counseling makes this possible.



Online therapy isn’t just effective — it’s better. A study from the Center for Connected Health Policy showed that “contracting with an off-site telemedicine-based collaborative care team can yield better outcomes than implementing practice-based collaborative care with locally available staff.”

The same study showed “greater reductions in severity over time for patients in [a] telemedicine-based group.” Online counseling lessens the severity of mental health symptoms over time, as well as yields better outcomes as a whole when compared to in-person sessions.


Who Our Online Therapists Can Help

Dance/Movement Therapy which allows the body to communicate where traditional language can fail. Play Therapy and Sandtray Therapy are also offered.

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“Contracting with an off-site telemedicine-based collaborative team care can yield better outcomes than implementing practice-based collaborative care with locally available staff.”

- The Center for Connected Health

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