Men’s Issues

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Men’s Issues

There’s a stigma surrounding men asking for help with their issues, though there doesn’t need to be. Humans are healthiest when they’re communicating their thoughts and feelings effectively and are feeling heard. This is especially important when it comes to men’s issues, as they’re just not talked about often enough. There are some specific areas of concern when it comes to men’s issues:

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Male-Specific Health Issues

Of course, cis-males are born with different bodies than their female counterparts, so when it comes to male-specific health issues, men have very specific needs and requirements to feel supported and heard. At Texas Online Counselling PLLC, we are trained in providing an empathetic ear when it comes to discussing male-specific health issues and the mental health problems they can produce.

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Anger Management

While anger issues, in general, certainly aren’t specific to males, men do have a larger amount of testosterone so the way they process anger may be slightly different to women. We can work together with you to figure out how you process anger, creating an anger management process specific to your needs and experiences.

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Divorce isn’t singular to one gender, however, each person going through the divorce may process the huge life event differently. Our experience and continued education have created an understanding of the way men process divorce and the potential flags to look out for during the process so we can help you through your difficult time.

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Fatherhood is hard. Whether you’re an active participant in your child’s life or struggling to gain access, we are understanding of what you’re going through and can help provide strategies to be the best father you can be. Sometimes that starts with introspection and figuring out your own issues before you can move forward and raise your child.

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Whether your issue is medical or mental health-related, we can help provide solutions or resources or simply listen to you as you talk. Schedule an appointment with a counselor at Texas Online Counseling PLLC today to see how we can help you navigate your world in a clearer, stress-free way.

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