Our Therapists Can Help With:


Find support of feelings of restlessness, racing thoughts, or nervousness; panic attacks, or not being able to face social situations.

Anger Management

Anger can be a beneficial emotion when used correctly. Learn how to manage behaviors in order to avoid rage.


From PTSD, car accidents, to sexual abuse, traumatic experiences can have lasting effects. Find the tools you need to face symptoms.


Depression is a disease that affects everyone differently and develops for various reasons. Talk with a therapist about your unique situation.


Substance abuse or addiction can affect not only your life, but also your relationships and your health. We can provide treatment and support.

Men’s Issues

Male-specific health issues, sexual issues, anger-management, and more — we can help you find healthy outlets and balance in your life.

Family Therapy

Conflict between siblings, a change in routine, a change in the makeup of the family unit, and more — we’re here to help the whole family.

Couple’s Therapy

Financial concerns, parenting styles, or communication issues, we can help mediate a conversation to improve your relationships.

We also provide:

Dance/Movement Therapy which allows the body to communicate where traditional language can fail. Play Therapy and Sandtray Therapy are also offered.

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