What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps reduce stress and conflict within a system between families. What is different from family therapy as opposed to individual therapy is that we look at the family as a whole and look to problem solve that way as opposed to treating each individual.

Family therapy can be attended by anyone living in the same household. You do not necessarily have to be blood related. This can involve anyone that is important to you in your life.

Reasons for coming to Family Therapy

  1. Transition in the household. Change can be hard — maybe someone in the family is having a difficult time with an adjustment. For example a move, a new member of the family, changes in work and schedules, new schools, or new goals.
  2. A traumatic loss in the family from a pet to grand-parent.
  3. Gaining a new member in the family i.e., a pet, foster child, a board, a new parent, a relative, a baby.
  4. Parental styles can sometimes be a source of differing opinions.
  5. Cultural differences as minute as being raised in a single-parent home vs. two parent household to being raised speaking different languages.
  6. Divorce
  7. Abuse
  8. Addiction
  9. Mental illness
  10. Physical illness
  11. Loss of income or job
  12. Gain in income or wealth
  13. Effective communication skills

What Family Therapy is Not

Blaming others for all the problems and trying to make another person change. Change comes as a group. Yes, changes will happen even if everyone is not doing the work.

Family Therapy Works!

  • It helps with healthy communication.
  • It builds empathy and understanding for each other in the system.
  • It develops and maintains healthy boundaries within the family.
  • It helps reduce stress and family conflict.

What we do as online therapists for family sessions: we offer treatment plans with the family’s goal in mind. We offer activities other than just talk therapy, utilizing games and art. Getting started is sometimes the most challenging part, but Texas Online Counseling offers a free 30-minute session so you can get to know our staff

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