Valuing your Mental Health

When being tired and stressed we sometimes forget it is important to take care of ourselves. This is more than exercise, eating well, and being hydrated. Are we burning both ends of the candles? Are we having enough downtime? Are we constantly going at a fast pace? Are you in a high-energy environment most of the day? These are some questions to ask yourself if you are starting to feel less joy, or that you are not fully rested.

Sometimes you can ignore your own mental health by being distracted by being concerned for others. Sometimes these individuals call themselves fixers, or problem solvers. They want to solve a problem as soon as possible. This can be a distraction from your own needs. Sometimes it is best to slow down, and think about what is best for you and realizing that this is not selfish.

There are also a lot of myths out there. For example, "no decision is a bad decision". Sometimes you just do not have all the information you need at the moment to make a decision yet. It is okay to ask for more time than just to make a hasty decision. Another myth, “Time is money”. Sure, but a hasty decision can be more costly in the long run. Further, “You can sleep when you're dead”. Sure, but that may be sooner than you think if you are constantly running at 100%.

As humans, we need balance in almost everything. If something in your life is starting to feel off-balance, it is okay to make an adjustment before deciding to just push through. Pushing through for some things is okay but not for everything.

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