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Type A Personalities & Anxiety

Type A personalities are usually thought of as a positive thing. These personality types are all about appearance, especially to the outside world. Many times these individuals want to look like everything is outstanding in every aspect of their lives. Out of the mental health field, type A personalities can be a positive thing for employers.

However, type A personalities are not a diagnosis, it is a form of anxiety. These individuals are sometimes identified as over-achievers, competitive, high-strung, win oriented. These individuals will do extra work, extra hours, to make sure they are getting positive feedback. It can be disheartening for them if not chosen for a promotion or opportunity they were seeking. If this behavior becomes out of balance, type A personalities can become miserable. These individuals can be over-organized. They want to be a step ahead of everyone. It is also called “hurried sickness.” These individuals feel a sense of urgency for everything. It is hard to relax and enjoy the present. They sometimes feel a lack of joy and can’t stop their minds from racing to be present. These people can look competitive and their reputation is important to them. Type A personalities feel they need to be steps ahead of everyone. It is important for them to feel they should perform at their best at all times. They come across as always well prepared. They make sure not to make mistakes. They take constructive feedback really hard, though they may not show it. This comes from their low-esteem, and as this persists, their self-worth declines. They feel accomplishments equals value. These traits can lead to hypertension, making them susceptible to strokes, heart attacks, and depression.

Fortunately, there is help, and drills you can learn from a counselor. Do not let anxiety run your life. You are able to manage your anxiety. A licensed counselor, like those at Texas Online Counseling, can help you transition to having a calmer mind. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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