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The Benefits Of Online Counseling For General Anxiety Disorder

When you or someone you love is struggling with anxiety, finding effective help can be hard. Despite the fact that there are many trained, compassionate professionals available to help all throughout Texas, distance, time constraints, embarrassment, and a multitude of other factors can play into someone refusing to give counseling a chance before they have actually sought out help.

Sometimes, the fear of sharing such personal and alarming feelings and thoughts with a stranger in such a personal setting can also be intimidating. And in yet other situations, a move by a counselor or a patient to a new community has threatened to undo much of the good work that was taking place, and finding a new therapist can feel inadequate.

In all of these situations, an online counseling service may be a good option. At Texas Online Counseling PLLC, we offer the services of licensed anxiety counselors to help provide guidance, help, and someone to talk to about your worry, anxiety attacks, and efforts to reclaim a sense of ownership and control of your life.

In today’s blog, we will discuss what Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is and how online counseling services can help. To learn more about our online counseling service, feel free to contact us online, or you can schedule an appointment with one of our online counselors if you are ready to get started.

What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

GAD is characterized by persistent and excessive worry, fears, and hopelessness about a number of different things which may, or may not, be related. Many people who struggle with GAD have deep concerns about money, family, health, work, or any other topic. And although this can be normal for everyone at different points in their life, people with GAD feel unable to control or set aside their fears and concerns, sometimes to the point of it impacting their choices and relationships.

The Anxiety And Depression Association of America defines GAD specifically as a worry, more days than not, over a period of no less than six months, where three or more symptoms of GAD are present.

Who Does Generalized Anxiety Disorder Affect?

GAD is not unique to one kind of person or even to a subset of a broader category, and virtually anyone can suffer from it. However, there are some populations and age groups where GAD does occur with greater frequency. Here are some things to know about who GAD affects.

  • GAD affects just over 3% of the U.S. adult population.
  • Women are twice as likely to be as affected as men.
  • The risk of GAD is highest between childhood and middle age.

It is believed that life experiences, biological factors, and family situations and living conditions can also be important factors in the development of GAD.

How Can Online Counseling Services Help?

While there are many ways to seek therapy for GAD, and ultimately, many people develop a hybrid approach of professional counseling and self-coaching to manage their GAD, online counseling services have become a bigger part of the treatment process as technology, trust, and the business of life have all increased in recent years.

Online counseling services offer some potentially powerful benefits for people who struggle with the challenges of GAD, such as nervousness, irritability, panic, exhaustion, and GI problems. Some of the benefits of online counselings services include:

  • Complete Accessibility - When it comes to online counseling services, there are very few barriers. Most people have access to the internet, video conferencing programs are largely free (or at the very least, affordable), and the logistics of making and getting to appointments virtually disappear.
  • No Waiting - For many people with GAD, waiting for something to happen can be tremendously trying. This can make waiting rooms and traffic very stressful parts of what is supposed to be a helpful experience. Online Counseling Services remove these risks.
  • Affordability - Because your therapist isn’t paying for a physical location to work out of, they can typically offer lower rates for their patients.
  • Comfort - Pick your favorite place in the house and feel confident that the sites, sounds, smells, and the scenery is all going to be safe, comforting, and familiar for you as you work with your online counselor from the comfort of your own home.
  • Consistency - When you are working with an online counseling service, travel for work or pleasure, unexpected car maintenance, and bad weather no longer have to complicate your life and force you to reschedule.

Does Online Counseling Really Work?

The effectiveness of therapy for the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder has never been tied to a specific location, and as mentioned above, oftentimes, getting to and waiting for a counseling session can be stress unto itself.

Your online counselor is trained, prepared, and dedicated to you, and they are just as capable of helping as any face-to-face counselor is.

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