2020, A Year To Remember

This year 2020 has brought us many surprises; the weather, the pandemic, and politics. Congratulations! All of you have made it. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Not only did we survive, but we're also learning a lot about change. To those of you that chose to get support for your mental health throughout the year realized that sometimes you just cannot go it alone. Give yourself a second pat on the back for asking for help.

The big question is how do we keep our heads up through all this muck? The answer is gratitude. With ever-changing obstacles, gratitude is the key to keeping a healthy mindset. Gratitude has many benefits. Gratitude helps with lifting up your mood. Gratitude also helps you focus on the big picture instead of focusing on the many details of things. This will also help propel you forward when feeling stuck.

A funny thought about 2020, it is a bonus for down the road. You can tell others you lived through this history and can say stories to others about what your experience was like. If you are struggling with this year and the holidays are coming up Michelle Blank, Eric Rothe, and I can help you or a loved one with this long transition.

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