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Online Counseling is Effective and Convenient.

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Why Online?

It’s Effective- new studies show that online therapy is as effective, if not MORE effective than in-person therapy! What are you waiting for?


Reduced Time- this seems to be the concern on everyone’s mind. Online therapy saves you time. No need for drive time, parking, waiting in the front lobby, or checking in at the front desk. Payment is even set up in advance.


Reduced Costs-Online therapy saves you money. You don’t have to pay for gas, or pay for parking, plus our rates are very competitive!


Comfort- Online therapy can actually be more comfortable. You can meet us in the comfort of your own home or office-- anywhere private where you will not be disturbed or distracted.


Flexibility - Busy schedule? Travel a lot? Irregular work hours? Kids? Flexibility is key to keeping your commitment to getting back to your best self! And we can help by allowing for flexible scheduling.


Convenience- Did we mention convenience? See above!

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