1. Eat, Sleep, Walk, Talk—Holiday Self-Care

    The holidays are here!  Year after year the holidays almost seem like a finish line to an annual race—the last six weeks of the year are filled with celebrations, gatherings, decorations, special food, and gifts. In addition to the fun, food, and games there comes something else--Holiday stress.…Read More

  2. 2020, A Year To Remember

    This year 2020 has brought us many surprises; the weather, the pandemic, and politics. Congratulations!  All of you have made it. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Not only did we survive, but we're also learning a lot about change.  To those of you that chose to get support for your mental h…Read More

  3. Is it Anger?

    Do you know someone that is irritable? Maybe it is you that can become grumpy. All of this is okay. Sometimes getting to the root of your anger can quell the flame. As a counselor and working with Clients wanting Anger-management, many times anger tends to be the first layer that is uncovered. Some …Read More